by dakadev_pui – Lomography

by dakadev_pui – Lomography.


Greetings Earthlings


Ah, the intimidating first post.  What are you doing here? Get out of my internet!

I started playing around with film SLRs last summer.  Freshly finished with my undergraduate degree and was spending what summer I had left before moving to Baltimore putzing about in the Midwest.  After classes finished and the ennui of summer set in, my friends and I spent a lot of time with each other and food.  Always food.

One day my friend David and I were walking around and we found one of the best things about summer: a garage sale.  But at this one instead of outgrown baby clothes and romance novels too embarrassing to keep, there were… cameras!  A student in the art department had just finished her masters degree and was moving across the country.

Rewinding a bit, David had pulled out an Olympus OM-1 he used in Korea out of retirement a…

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Week 1: Canon AE-1 SLR & redscale negative film

mvb photography

This week I photographed using my trusty Canon AE-1 Program SLR (1981, 50mm lens). I used Lomography Redscale Negative Film (35mm, 100 ISO).

It was fun to experiment, but the low ISO rating made it difficult to avoid grainy photos. We’ve had awfully rainy weather! The film is cool though, because it is spooled on the wrong side. You can also change your ISO setting to adjust the intensity of the hues. A higher ISO (e.g. 200) rating will produce very red images, whereas a lower ISO (e.g. 50) will lend to bluer tones.

xx mvb

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